Virtual Design App

  • Use the Virtual Design App to see what your art could look like on a cup!
    • A great opportunity to try out various designs before ordering
    • Compare new and old art to see what works best
    • Share with team members and vendors by emailing your design ideas
  • App is for demonstration purposes only, you cannot order product through this site. This does not guarantee that the art used will be able to be printed on expandable polystyrene cups. Wincup will suggest any edits or changes that would need to be made in order for your design to be printed on EPS. An additional option would be to have your art printed on paper-wrapped Marquee cups, which accommodate a broader and richer range of designs.
  • To order customized cups, please contact your local Distributor or Wincup Representative
    • Vector-based art files will be required for customized cup orders, in the following formats – EPS, AI, PDF

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